is your shop still active? i really like it and appreciate that youre doing this! <3 ^^

It is, but more so the decal portion of my shop. If you are interested in other items, don’t hesitate to either fill out an order form or send me an e-mail for a personal order :] 

Decal review!

This is a little late but, I got my decals about two weeks ago or so and I absolutely love them! I bought three of them; SNSD’s logo, Exo’s original logo, and a Hello Kitty bow. I placed all three of them on my car and they all look extremely nice and still look the same even though they’ve been rained on pretty hard thanks to Florida’s weather. They arrived extremely fast and the little note included was really cute and I loved that the envelope had Hagrid on it, hehe. I definitely enjoyed making business with this shop and hope to buy some more decals in the future! :)


on a scale of fake pockets to nachos how good is your idea

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waving at someone you thought was waving at you


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Zodiac Scorpio facts: When Scorpio decided they want to study something or someone, they can become very wrapped in it, trying to find out every detail and studying it in a very intense way.


In the United Kingdom, you play the Game of the Thrones…or you don’t.


Got my order from @ifandomkpopshop today! I am so in love with it! Will definitely be back to purchase something Infinite and/or Sailor Moon-related! Thanks, again!






Here’s this great thing: Big Boi finds artists he likes on Tumblr, then he invites those artists to come to Outkast shows and make art. You can see that art on Big Boi’s blog. It’s a beautiful exercise in mutual fandom. 

The piece above is by Ben Kopp. There’s more by Brian ButlerMr. GIF, Tyler Spangler, and Alex Welsh. Hootie hoo, indeed. 

is the status page up to date?

It’s not, I apologize for that. I hardly have the time to update it.